Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our clients by developing ourselves, and thus to bring about a change for the better in the world, in our society, in business and in each individual human being we work with - whether a client, a partner, a colleague or just a friend.

We want to establish a market presence as a company having its own individuality and a unique model, while using also the experience and established models of successful businesses round the globe. To this end, we have built into Modus Consult our personal worldviews, our knowledge and experience, our best impulses and our belief that business can and should be a way for humans to communicate and exchange thoughts and a stimulus for them to develop and improve.




Our Values

In our development we follow the wisdom and spiritual insights that we have learned from famous international thinkers, considered and evaluated profoundly and adopted as principles we subscribe to:

We believe that any achievement can only happen through patience and diligent work. Pyramids were built stone by stone. We are convinced that there is only one way to succeed - through hard work.

What shapes one's life is not what you do, but how you do it. That is why it is our principle to do the best we can, in the areas in which we are the best.

Progress is impossible without aims. We believe that in life we can only achieve aims that we are striving for with all our hearts. That is why we always devote ourselves completely to our current work.

We believe that knowledge, profundity and development can only be achieved through challenges. That is why we are not afraid of hardships and storms. The only sure way to lose is by being afraid to try.

The power of persuasion moves things and makes any change possible. We know that we shall never fail as long as our determination to succeed is strong enough. That is why we persist until we succeed.

Our aims can only be achieved when, in our personal life and through our personal example, we set and uphold daily our standards for the people of the future - free, dignified and active citizens, respected and able professionals, good people mindful of the needs of others.




Our Vision

The future of Modus Consult is a significant part of our own future as individuals.

We want for our company what we want for ourselves - growing power and potential for development, self-assurance and the ability to take on increasingly greater challenges, a respected and dignified reputation symbolizing reliability and professionalism, a reputation worthy of the trust of others.

We see the future Modus Consult as one of the most respected, valued and sought-after consulting firms, a preferred partner for local and international business, NGOs, creative artists and prominent individuals, all building Bulgaria's European future.

Modus Consult should be synonymous with professionalism with a human face - a combination of professional skills with the understanding of clients' expectations and needs, mutual trust and empathizing with the clients' problems.

We believe in our vision; we work hard and are focused on making it happen.



Our Goals


At Modus Consult , we are a united team pursuing clear and specific goals. Our goals are:

  • To develop a modern consultancy structure covering all aspects and needs of business: legal services, finance, tax and management consulting, in order to meet the growing demands of the market;
  • To develop our contacts with non-governmental organizations working in various social spheres;
  • To take part in the harmonization of Bulgarian with European Union legislation;
  • To increase our social involvement by providing free legal aid to people in need;
  • To offer on-line services in our spheres of competence;
  • To develop our international professional ties.