Our Approach to Our Work

Our Style

Our strength is in the balance we have achieved between strict professionalism and comfortable communication with the client.

We do not fear innovation and change, we seek them - that is what makes us capable of performing at our professional best.

Our professional reliability, competence, care for the client's interests, comprehensive and timely services at reasonable prices are at the core of our style.

We have won the trust of our clients because we keep them constantly informed and thus offer them the comfort and security of full knowledge of the situation and the ability to take part in a process of common decision-making at every step.

Knowledge and experience, strong desire and faith, patience and love for our work - this is our formula.


Principles of Our Work

The most fundamental principles we follow in our work are:

  • Unfailing maintenance of high quality and precision in our work, a result of the team's diverse experience and specialization;
  • Punctuality, loyalty and high ethical standards in our personal and professional relations;
  • Strict adherence to the deadlines arranged with the client;
  • Individual approach to every single situation. Every one of our clients will be accorded respect and will receive a customized solution to their problem and timely information about the developments concerning their case;
  • Adherence to European and global standards for legal solutions and to the best and generally-accepted business practice in handling each individual case;
  • Complete confidentiality and avoidance of conflicts of interests when accepting work on cases and projects.

Main Modes of Working

We provide highly qualified legal and business assistance to local and international individuals and bodies to help them establish and develop their activity in Bulgaria in accordance with current legislation. To this end, we offer:

  • A wide spectrum of specialized consultancy services in the sphere of business and law;
  • Continuous information/updating on legal changes relevant to the client's activity, accompanied by comments and specific recommendations;
  • Written opinions on specific issues as requested by the client and development of models for solving the problems;
  • Legal analyses and forecasts, development of business models for structuring and managing the client's activity;
  • Mediation;
  • In-court representation and reliable defence of each individual client's interests;
  • A wide range of analyses of the client's situation and market position; theoretical studies and practical assistance in restructuring, developing and managing the client's business;
  • Training programmes in all aspects of law, human resource management and conflict resolution in the workplace.

Our working languages are Bulgarian, English, French and Italian.


Financial Arrangements

Our pricing policy is flexible, open to the client's needs and sensitive to the client's individual requirements and means. That is why large corporations, small traders and private individuals feel equally at ease in dealing with us.

Our marketing policy is driven by the desire to increase our list of clients - clients are the principal cause and raison d'кtre of our work.

In determining and developing the parameters of our fees, we are led by the aim of building long-term client relationships suiting the interests of both parties.

We offer an optimally open system of payment options:

  • As a result of their long and fruitful cooperation with our team of consultants, many of our clients opt for a Subscription Service Agreement. This means that they pay a fixed monthly subscription fee for a package of services and pay a reduced rate for any services over the limit included in the package. This way of working offers our regular clients a maximum of comfort in combining the services they need with the most convenient subscription fee for their circumstances. This also obliges our team to be abreast of current developments and to know all of the client's current needs in order to be able to react adequately and in good time to any problems.
  • Fees may be negotiated individually on a case-by-case basis.
  • Fees may also be determined on a per-hour basis.

Please contact us for details of our fees, discounts and principles of negotiating individual agreements.